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Medical translations are quite special. Precision and quality are even more important than while translating other types of texts. When I worked at SDL as an in-house translator in the medical team, I was the lead translator for many different clients. These were usually manufacturers of medical devices, like Philips, Medtronic and Abbott. I was responsible for about 25 similar clients. This way I was able to gather experience with regards to translating and reviewing medical texts. These texts were mainly instructions for use, software and brochures. At AlphaLingua I still mainly focus on these kinds of healthcare translations. Usually I translate from English into Dutch, but sometimes I receive Spanish texts as well.

Precision, quality and consistencySpullen bureau opgeruimd

I consider myself very precise. Take a look at my desk and you will understand. My things are always well organized and always in the same spot. I suppose there is a touch of OCD involved. But I do apply the same amount of precision during my work. I believe this is very important when you are translating medical texts. Translation software helps me a lot with this, since it contains various types of quality checks. This way, I can easily check my own translations for any errors. Apart from that, I use translation memories and termbases. Using these tools, I can make sure that the Dutch translations are always consistent and contain the right medical terminology.

Lots of experience with medical instructions for use

As mentioned before, I have worked for many different clients. I have translated and revised hundreds of English and Spanish instructions for use for various types of medical devices. A few examples:

  • Surgery robots
  • CT scanners
  • Hospital beds

I also enjoy learning new things and understanding the way all those medical devices work. I would love to visit the actual end users to see how the devices are used. Maybe I will pay you a visit some time, who knows!

Are you looking for a translator who can translate your medical instructions for use from English or Spanish into Dutch? You can contact me at any time for a quote without any obligations!

Medical doctor with stethoscope