Work, health and spare time

As a freelance translator, I spend a lot of time behind my computer. I have seen many people getting back problems or similar issues because of this. That is why I try to make my work environment as ergonomic and healthy as possible. A few examples are my ergonomic desk and chair, the use of hotkeys, going to the gym and spare time.

Ergonomical workspace

An ergonomical workspace is very important to me. The desk I use, is the IDÅSEN desk I bought from IKEA. It is a very useful desk with lots of space for my computer and monitors. However, the best thing is that you can move it up and down by using an application on your phone. This way, you can switch between positions so you can work while sitting or standing. Personally, I try to stand for around 20 minutes and then sit for about an hour, keeping my body active. With regards to my chair, I use the Hjh Office Ergohuman, which has been adapted entirely to my body. That means that I can always work ergonomically, whether I’m standing or sitting.


The use of hotkeys has helped me a lot as well. During my work as a translator, I usually have to use certain keyboard and/or mouse combinations repetitively. That is why I created my own personal hotkeys with AutoHotkey, so that I can perform complex actions with just one simple key combination. I’ll give you a short example: whenever I start a new project, I create a new folder. I change the name of the folder to the current date, an underscore and the name of the project I’m working on. Usually that would take about 15 seconds to look up the date, type it in, type an underscore and copypaste the name of the project. Thanks to my hotkeys, this can all be done within one second by using one single key combination. This way, I don’t only work faster, but I also avoid physical injuries like RSI.

Physical exercise

Physical exercise is very important to me too, since it helps me create a nice balance between work and private life. I usually go to the gym four times a week. I spend two of those times at the fitness. The other two times are for Brazilian jiu-jitsu and swimming. During fitness and swimming, I mainly focus on my back, since I sit quite a lot as a freelance translator. My health is essential to me.

Spare time

Another key aspect is my mental health. Physical exercise helps me with this, but spare time does so too. I use my spare time to meet up with friends, invite neighbours over to watch some Formula 1 or a movie, or travel to meet friends or discover new places. By combining my ergonomical workspace, physical exercise and spare time, I do everything to create a great balance between work and private life. Do you have any questions about my hotkeys or workspace, or would you like to contact me for another reason? Just drop me a message!

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