Translating IT texts

IT translations are a large part of my work. This is mainly because medical devices nowadays contain various forms of information technology. Apart from that, IT has simply become a part of our lives. Before I joined the medical team at SDL, I worked in the IT team for a while. During this period I translated texts for clients such as Sony, Amazon and Garmin. Thanks to all these different kinds of clients and texts I was able to gather lots of experience with IT translations. After that, I was able to apply this knowledge to my work in the medical team. The IT texts were usually instructions for use, software and websites. Just like medical translations, the texts were usually written in English and had to be translated into Dutch.

Influence of ICT

About fifty years ago, the influence of ICT was not that big, but nowadays we cannot seem to live without it anymore. In a world without ICT, I most likely would not have become a translator. I believe that in the future the role of information technology will only continue to increase. Tasks that had to be performed by humans, can now be performed automatically. Cars can communicate with each other and park automatically. And yes, the world of translation is also being affected. Texts can be translated automatically into hundreds of languages. The quality of machine translation is not great yet, but will improve drastically in the near future. As a translator, I try to stay on top of all these changes and use ICT as a tool as much as I can.

Diversity of information technology

According to Wikipedia, IT can refer to all types of hardware, software and peripheral equipment. Well, there are quite some of those. Thanks to my experience as a translator at SDL in the IT team, I have been able to get to know tens of clients and hundreds of texts that had to do with ICT, such as:

  • Navigation systems
  • Data protection
  • CT scans

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Information technology in a big city